merupakan perhimpunan pelajar INDONESIA yang resmi didirikan tahun 2010 dengan nama PPI MDIS dan ditujukan kepada Mahasiswa dan Mahasiswi berkewarganegaraan INDONESIA yang mengenyam pendidikan di MDIS. Pada November 2011, PPI MDIS resmi berganti nama menjadi KUMIS (Kumpulan Mahasiswa Indonesia di Indonesia)

stands for Kumpulan Mahasiswa Indonesia di MDIS (Indonesian Students’ Association in MDIS).KUMIS as an organisation was found in 2010. The name itself has been broadly known in Indonesian community in Singapore. These communities may involved other Indonesian Student Association in Singapore, such as PINTU (NTU); PINUS (NUS); MAPIA (PSB Academy); MERCI (ERC); PPI RDI (Raffles Design Institution); KUNCI (Curtin Singapore); InSIM (SIM) and many more. These communities are linked and recognized under Indonesian Student Association in Singapore and Indonesian Embassy in Singapore. The name KUMIS, is firstly known as PPI MDIS. As the time went on, PPI MDIS has changed to be ‘KUMIS’. Furthermore, KUMIS itself has joined numerous activities held by those communities. KUMIS has broadly recognized as its existence by joining and winning several¬†competitions held by other Indonesian Student Associations in Singapore.

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